Spring has arrived! Really…I know it is hard to believe

Spring has arrived! Really…I know it is hard to believe

So much has happened since I last posted…it is hard to imagine it all. I was in Hawaii and FreeSpirit closed down and thanks to the Fortunoff family , reopened! This did create a bit of havoc here in my world, but it all has worked itself out- now, if only it would stop snowing!⛄️. I am busy working on new ideas, kits and quilts- as the new fabrics arrive. I have finally cleaned out all the Passover bits and pieces- it was a wonderful holiday, full of delicious foods and family.💕

The arrival of the Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilt program, has brought many new adventures and people into my world. Lots of fun and antics, shipping, packaging and making many quilters very happy. I was lucky enough to ship to people all across the country and how wonderful an adventure this is turning out to be- for seasoned Kaffe Fans and those new quilters who took the plunge! Many people decided to embark on this adventure to stretch their quilting comfort zone. That is something I always try to do- it stimulates intellectual growth and while expanding your palette, you are able to also expand your creativity. And it is so scary! But most often, worth the leap.☺️.

The emergence of this Mystery Quilt Program has given forth to new online opportunities-on the FreeSpirit Fabrics Website & Facebook Page; also on Facebook The Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilts Support Group. This has provided an exciting network of people around the globe. Very Fun!

Being involved in this group has given me some thought as to who I am in this mix. I believe that I have evolved into a new type of retail quilt shop. I am a hybrid of sorts…not solely providing an online shopping experience, but also enabling quilters to shop in person at local quilt shows and guild events…and, providing a 💁‍♀️ concierge in person fabric shopping experience, by appointment , in the shop within my home. I have even provided this support several times on the phone with online customers. Sometimes, I have helped them build the fabrics needed for a specific quilt,  via screenshots and phone calls. Some of many favorite customer interactions involve teaching new methods, techniques or explaining ‘ everything you always wanted to know about thread”!

So please write back and comment- follow me on Instagram-Ohsewsallyshares2, or Facebook. I have to get back to quilting and creating the samples & kits for our upcoming show in Brooklyn, next weekend! Brooklyn Quilts @ Industry City in Sunset Park. The following weekend we will be vending for LIQS at Point Lookout.

Happy stitching!