Wonderfil Specialty Thread Sampler

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Enjoy a sampler selection of your favorite threads.  Threads to meet your every sewing need, by Wonderfil Specialty threads.  Konfetti provides a colorfast, low-lint thread for everyday stitching and piecing; Invisifil blends across a myriad of colors and is perfect for quilting, hand or machine applique’ and binding;
Polyfast is vibrant and perfect for embroidery, thread painting or embellishment stitching;  Fabulux and Mirage are both threads of choice for decorative stitching and quilting; DecoBob creates the perafect bobbin for all sewing needs!

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Treat yourself to the best threads -wonderfil Specialty threads will take your stitching to the next level!  This sampler includes one spool each of Fabulux, Mirage, Invisifil ,Polyfast, Konfetti and DecoBob.  The Fabulux is a variegated Trilobal Polyester 40 wt.; Konfetti is a 50 wt. cotton; Mirage is a random dyed  rayon 30 wt., Polyfast is a 40 wt. Trilobal Poly , Invisifil is  a 100 wt. 2 ply cottonized Poly , and Decobob is an 80 wt. 2 ply cottonized Poly for your bobbin.  Most importantly you will be ready to sew without stress and enhance all of your work!


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