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Purchase BOTH of Tula Pink’s New Collections, as a bundle & receive a 20% discount & Free Shipping.  Homemade releases in March 2020; TRUE COLORS releases is June 2020.


Tula Pink has created the perfect collection for quilters & sewists ! TRUE COLORS highlights and supports all of the fabrics in previous collections.  In addition, Tula has added 4 new (SKUS) prints to her established POM POMS & STRIPES.  These fabrics serve as foundation prints for all Of Tula’s collections.  FAIRY DUST, from the Pinkerville, has exploded into a collection of bright pastels, providing the perfect backdrop to the bolder colors of the other fabrics.  MINERAL is a new print that uses lines to create a densely detailed interpretation of natural stone formations.  WILDFLOWER is a bold silhouette of tangled blooming vines in high contrasting color combinations.  HEXY comes in 2 variations. there are 3 color versions & 4 rainbow ombré prints, providing another hard geometric in this collection.

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Purchase both full collections of HOMEMADE & TRUE COLORS by Tula Pink, and receive a 20% DISCOUNT.

Tula Pink’s HOMEMADE Collection features 25 new prints, related to sewing!  HOMEMADE pays tribute to our desire to create with our hands.  It is about the moment that someone asks you “ where did you get that? “ and your reply is “ I made it”. Fabric that embodies all of our tools in the most beautiful hues and colors.


Tula’s latest collection, TRUE COLORS, will release in June 2020.  It is a collection of the designs that Tula considers the core colors in her world.  The fabrics have been designed to enhance and highlight the pieces in her collections.  Each of the 42 pieces is a vibrant expression of color and print.


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