Stitched by Alison Glass, Floral, 9045


Stitched is the newest handcrafted collection by alison glass. Handcrafted is a batik process pattern, made completely by hand..  Each piece of fabric is unique.  a spectrum of color, that coordinates with Alison’s 2020 SunPrint collection, and  continues with her central theme of sewing/stitching.



Floral,  a handcrafted fabric pattern in Alison’s newest collection.  Handcrafted fabric is a Batik style fabric and this collection coordinates with he SunPrint 2020 fabric collection.  A fabulous array of prints  in new vibrant colors, adorned with Alison’s favorite things!  Based upon a sewing & stitching theme, composed of an array of subtle colors.  Reminiscent of her Chroma collection

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Lichen, Jade, Marigold, PERIWINKLE


18”, 36”

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