Pinkerville PWTP128 GATEKEEPER


The Swan is your tour guide to Pinkerville.  she holds the keys to the kingdom, so her print is named the “Gate Keeper”.



Pinkerville is a state of mind. Join Tula on her journey through Pinkerville.  A place of total surreal escapism, where all things are possible!  The Swan, “Gate Keeper”,is your tour guide; the Unicorn requires a devotion to the  “imagined”, a willingness to invent and accept;” Blind Faith” is a lovable lake monster, concealed within marbled water. Blind Faith-the ability to believe without discrimination, is crucial to life in Pinkerville”.   Delight’ is created by a delicate weaving of lace flowers. “Enlightenment is the watcher, the face of an owl, concealed within a butterfly;  “Serenity” displays overlapping fans, reminding you to be calm & relaxed. Finally, there is ” Fairy Dust”, just a sprinkle of rainbow magic to tie it all together!

Available in  palettes:  Cotton Candy, Day Dream

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Marigold, Poppy, Foxglove, Cotton Candy, Frolic, Daydream, Myrtle, Agave, Fern, Petunia, Iris, Orchid