Invisifil 100wt. Cottonized Polyester thread by Wonderfil Specialty Threads IF

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Wonderfil Specialty Threads presents ‘Invisifil’, the perfect 100 wt. Cottonized Polyester thread.  Available in a wide variety of subtle to bright colors.     Invisifil, available in 60 luscious, solid colors, with a matte finish..

This thread is  the ultimate choice for English Paper Piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing, delicate lace designs, stippling, free motion and digitized machine quilting,  stitching fine fabrics, creating texture where strong and multi use thread, perfect for high speed sewing, or whenever you don’t want your stitches to show. Machine embroidery and decorative stitching, on sewing machines, embroidery machines and quilting machines. This is the thread of your dreams!

Invisifil is available in 60 subtle to bright colors, with a matte finish. You choose how much you want the tread to show-or not!




Invisifil thread , by Wonderfil is a Cotonized 2-ply  polyester thread with silk-like properties.  This ultra fine, but surprisingly strong 100 wt. thread has cotton-like characteristics and negligible strength- but feels soft.  Invisifil creates super low-bulk stitches and virtually “disappears” into the fabric!  It is the ultimate choice for English Paper Piecing”Invisifil is a favorite for applique’ and free motion quilting. and excellent strength.  This 100wt. Cottonized poly thread will prove to be your favorite.  Invisifil is available in 60 rich,  solid colors.

  • Material:  2-ply Cottonized  Polyester
  • Weight:  100wt.
  • Size:  400m; 437 yds.
  • Colors:  60 Solid Colors
  • Use: stitch in the ditch, top and bottom thread, bobbin thread, bobbin thread for delicate machine embroidery,free motion quilting, quilting, decorative stitching, embroidery, thread painting, couching, coloring, machine embroidery. hand and machine applique’, EPP, FPP, stippling,



Additional Information
Weight 2 oz
Thread Color

soft white, white, Ecru, Black, soft black, Rose, Burgundy, Christmas Red, Baby pink, Drab Rose, Dark Rose, Soft pink, Dusty Plum, Carnation pink, Gold, Dark Gold, Drab Orange, Yellow, Coral, Pale Yellow, Ivory, Blue, Navy, Dark Navy, Pale Blue, Mauve, Purple, Peacock Blue, Teal, Medium Peacock Blue, Brass Green, Olive Green, Grey Khaki, Sky Blue, Drab Teal, Light Mauve, Light Sage Green, Sage Green, Avocado Green, Dark Christmas Green, Yellow/Green, Mint Green, Pine Green, Dark Olive, Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Brown/Grey, Rust, DArk Ecru, Tan, Nude, Warm Brown, Barn Red, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Very Light Grey, Blue/Grey, Sterling Grey, Pale Grey, Avocadoes, Sea foam Greens, Multi Greens, Mediterranean Blues, Denim, Yellow Green Brown, Beige Brown, Blue Brown, Purple Wine, Purple Magenta, Multi Harvest, Pink Blue, Washed Denim, Pink White, Sky Blues, Green Foliage, South West, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Baby, Christmas, Purple/Blue/Red, Primary Colors, Norway, Retro, Green/Honey/Red, Black/Grey\'s, Forest, Green\'s, orange/Copper, Pastel, Blue/White/Red, Gold/Brown\'s, Plum/pink\'s, Orange\'s/yellows, Blue\'s, Spring, Before Dark, Sunset, Off White, Antique White, Winet Sky Grey, Pastel Pink, Perfectly Pink, Salmon, Violet, Clover, Lilac, Dusty Rose, Fuschia, Smoky Lavender, Dusky Violet, Toned Mauve, Deep Pansy Purple, Soft Purple, Pale Aqua, Shadow Blue, Baby Blue, Bright Turquoise, Teal, Pastel Green, Chartreuse, Simply Green, Aqua, Soft Royal Blue, Light Khaki, Eucalyptus, Christmas Green, Dark Teal, Christmas Red, Hunter Green, Icy Lemon, Daffodil Yellow, Tangerine, Pure Orange, Rust, Soft Gold, Peach, Soft Tan, Copper, Wine, Nude, Tan, Red, Khaki, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Brown/Grey, Chestnut, Dusky Teal, Charcoal, Deepest Burgundy, Dark Grey, Stormy Dark Blue, Blue Grey, Navy, Black, Grey