DecoBobo Cottonized 80wt. Polyester Thread, by Wonderfil Specialty Threads DBLMB


Wonderfil Specialty Threads presents DecoBob thread. the perfect 80wt. 2-ply cottonized polyester thread, sporting a matte finish.  DecoBob thread has been treated to behave more like cotton and to eliminate stretch!  It is delicate but incredibly strong.  This lightweight thread ensures stitching becomes less bulky and designs are softer, whle the fine weight also allows for more accurate miters and rounder, smoother curves.  DecoBob is the ideal bobbin thread.

  • Material:  2-ply cottonized polyester
  • Weight:  80 wt.
  • Sizes:  2000m (2187yd), 6000m(6562Yd), Pre-wound Bobbins Calss 15,M,L
  • Colors:  36 solid colors
  • Usages:  precision piecing, stippling, general sewing, machine embroidery, top & bottom thread for quilting, button holes, digitized lace designs, hidden stitches, bobbin thread























DecoBob is an incredible 80wt. 2-ply cottonized polyester thread.  This perfect bobbin thread carries a matte finish that has been treated to behave more like ideal bobbin thread avaiolble in Class15 (A), L, and M size pre-wound bobbins, in re-usable plastic casings.  Wonderfil pre-sound bobbins are would with our 80wt. Decobobthread in a reusable plastic bobbin.  There is no wax or glue holding it together! It has the strength, versatility  and reliability you can count on!  Pre-wounds are a fantastic choice because they come would uniformly and so you get more consistency in all of your stitches-especially noticeable in embroidery!  Our bobbins come would with a higher density of thread, than when you wind your own bobbins on a domestic machine.

Additional Information
Weight 1 oz
Thread Color

soft white, white, Ecru, Black, soft black, Rose, Burgundy, Christmas Red, Baby pink, Drab Rose, Dark Rose, Soft pink, Dusty Plum, BLEND, Carnation pink, Gold, Dark Gold, Drab Orange, Yellow, Coral, Pale Yellow, Ivory, Blue, Navy, Dark Navy, Pale Blue, Mauve, Purple, Peacock Blue, Teal, Medium Peacock Blue, Brass Green, Olive Green, Grey Khaki, Sky Blue, Drab Teal, Light Mauve, Light Sage Green, Sage Green, Avocado Green, Dark Christmas Green, Yellow/Green, Mint Green, Pine Green, Dark Olive, Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Brown/Grey, Rust, DArk Ecru, Tan, Nude, Warm Brown, Barn Red, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Very Light Grey, Blue/Grey, Sterling Grey, pale Grey, Dove Grey, Taupe, Basics, Multi-Pack, Stone, Wood, PASTEL, BASIC, CHRISTMAS, GEMS, SAND, WHITE