DecoBob prewound Bobbins; Class 15; by Wonderfil


Wonderfil Specialty Threads has created  the dream prewound bobbins you have been waiting for!

80 wt. cottonized polyester for all of your sewing needs- works eith all weights of thread!

Now available in silver, white, cream, copper and a multi pack that includes :  black, white, cream and silver.

*always choose the color that goes with the fabric, rather than matching the top thread.

DecoBob is perfect for hand piecing , hand appliqué and EPP projects.



Enjoy premium prewound bobbins for all of your sewing needs!  Wonderfil packs include 12 , class 15 prewound bobbins in a variety of colors.  DecoBob is an 80 wt. cottonized soft polyester.

The thread is tightly would on high quality AS bobbins, which are re-usable.  DecoBob is free of any chemical adhesive! This ensures unhindered thread delivery.  This also avoids the buildup of undesired residue in both the bobbin case and the machine.

Using prewound bobbins allows for consistency in tension, producing regular and even stitching.

High tenacity allows these bobbins to work well even with heavy top thread.

Matte finished to blend with most fabric

Additional Information

white, multi, bronze, silver, cream, navy, Black, Basic, White