Compass, by Alison Glass , Sunprints 2018 Collection

$14.00 $12.50

The 2018 Sun Print selection has all of the saturation and variety, with an added element of an increase in value differences throughout the line. A great stand alone collection of blenders.



Alison’s Sun Print Collection is a modern basics line with a variety of prints and colors, meant to give quilters a paint box of fabrics. Alison Glass’s  collection of  Sun Print 2018 brings 27 new blender fabrics in a rainbow of colors.  a good m is of values, from dark to light tones.

Additional Information

Compass, Depths, Diatom, Electric Eye, Fast Times, Fools Gold, Kool Thing, Kraken, Lattitude, Lilliput, Moon Age, Pearl, Pinpoint, Plaid, Reef, Scatter, Seagrass, Starfish, Sweet Nothings, We’re Dating


Abyss, Admiral, Aegean, Algae, Anchor, Anemone, Aqua, Aquamarine, Army, Aster, Canary, Carrot, Cerise, Charcoal, Chartreuse1, Cherry, Citrus, Cobalt, Coconut, Coral, Cosmos, Crab, Cream, Daydream, Duck Egg, Dust, Eggplant, Emerald, Fools Gold, Glimmer, Gold, Gun Metal, Honey, Hot Pink, Hydrangea, Ice, Inky, Iris, Jam, Lace, Lagoon, Lapis, Lime, Marine, Marmalade, Mermaid, Mist, Morning Glory, Moss, Ocean, Olive, Oyster, Parakeet, Peach, Peacock, Pear, Pearl, Peony, Plum, Poppy, Powder, Precious, Pumpkin, Rubellite, Salmon, Salt, Sangria, Sapphire, Sea Glass, Seagull, Seaside, Seaweed, Shadow, Shamrock, Shrimp, Strawberry, Submarine, Sunny, Sunrise, Sunset, Tangerine, Thistle, Tide, Tiger, Turquoise, Turtle, Urchin, Violet, Yarrow

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