Clappers specially designed by TNT Quilt Boards


Finish all your projects with perfectly flat seams!  Choose the perfect Clapper for each , whether it be garment, quilt stitching or EPP.  How do you use a clapper?  First, pump heat/steam using your iron, into the fabric; then, lift the iron and place the Clapper into the seam, applying even pressure.  The Clapper will absorb the heat and enable you to create a beautiful flat & crisp seam!


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Add the finishing touch to all of your work!  Flatten your seams using the most comfortable clappers, specifically designed for your project.  Tim of TNT QuiltBoards has created Clappers mad from a hardwood , with no finish.  The wood absorbs moisture from your iron/steam to create a beautiful flat, crisp seam, pleats or crease.  This clapper has easy grooves for hand placement/grip.  Two sizes are available:  for quilting and for EPP projects!

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