Alison Glass SunPrints 2020,A-9387, Menagerie


Alison’s 2020 SunPrint collection, continues with her central theme of sewing/stitching.  It contains one new design and the return of 2 past favorites:  Stitched is a pretty running stitch pattern filled with organic and geometric line work; Embroidery is a mash up of more than 100 of Alison’s motifs, puzzled together in a large 24” repeat; Menageris is the brand new design.  Menagerie is a cross stitch sampler, with lions, beetles, bunnies,, mushrooms, bees and many floral and geometric elements.  Each design comes in a paint box of 9 colo9rs.


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A fabulous array of SunPrints in new vibrant colors, adorned with drawings of Alison’s favorite things!  Based upon a sewing & stitching theme, composed of an array of vibrant colors

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Dahlia, Lichen, Opal, Pencil, Pepper, Unicorn, Mermaid, Salmon, Tiger

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