Jelly Roll Half Moon 🌜Slice Rug 🍉

Jelly Roll Half Moon 🌜Slice Rug 🍉

Don’t have the time to sew up a Jelly Roll Rug? Wishing you could? Now is the perfect time to create an easy and OhSewUseful! version of this rug. This is an easier and faster rug, which you will be enjoying in front of your kitchen sink, this very evening!

Finished rug size is 18” x 31”

Materials List:

Partial jelly roll/ design roll or (22)2 1/2” strips; a roll of Bosal Batting or 22 precut (2 1/4”) batting strips; Wonder Clips; matching thread; sewing machine; Topstitch 90/ jeans needle; rotary Cutter/Scissors


Do Not Sew Your Jelly Roll Strips Together!!!!!!!!!
*prepare strip & batting in traditional way,( similar to French Fold Binding filled with batting) butting one strip against the next;  fuse or fold & clip all strips
*cut between each strip (where they meet)
*sew each strip, as in French fold binding-along the open edge with a 1/4” seam allowance
* lay out all strips on your table in pleasing coloration/order


it is suggested that you sew up to 10 rows together in pairs & then join- pressing as needed, to prevent curling/distortion; then add 3 more & press.  It is always important when sewing these rugs to keep your work on as flat a surface as possible & remember Steam is your friend!

*Nest the top strip , folded edge, inside the seamed edge & stitch a wide ZigZag (5.5mm) across the new seam, sheer the strips meet; using a 2.75mm stitch length ;  stitch all strips together in groups of 2-3

*in order to creat a half moon/orange slice rug, your strips will need to be trimmed to create this shape; the dimensions are as follows:

-rows 1-13 are 33” wide; 14, 15 , 16 are 32” wide; 17,18, 19 are 31’ wide

-from row 20- the end, each row decreases by 1”-2”

(30”, 29” 28” 27”, 25” 23”, 22” 21”, 19”, 17” 14”)

Trim your finished rug to create your half moon/oranage slice shape.

Combine a few leftover strips to create your binding, sewing them together int he traditional bias binding method.  Clip from the top right edge and around the entire curve & across the straight edge, leaving a 2“ piece of fabric at the end (upper right corner)  Fold back over the edge to finish your seam neatly.

Enjoy!  I know you will be sewing up quite a few!  The best gift ever!😍💕🥰