Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

On this amazing gift of a sunny and warm morning on Long Island- i know it is time to stop everything and find the time for a walk on the beach.  We are often, especially me!-trying to fit so much into each day-especially sewing related activities-that we don’t take advantage of engaging in the small things, that will nourish our souls.  And , we all know that nourishingyour soul will fuel your stitching inspiration.💕

Finding the time to recharge your body & soul , through reading, walking outdoors, yoga, and spending time with family and friends-is the critical element that we forget to put first.  I was sharing this with my son this morning, as he is visiting for a short stay-lucky us!  When I am singing & praying in Shabbat services, my mind is creating visions of quilt tops, based upon the prayers & readings.  But, how can you whip out your pad and paper( spring a service) and record these? My hope is that reading the same words at home- will bring the visions back?  My thought here is- always be inspired and ready to record these ideas for a later creation☺️

So, I hope you are still with me…her are some critical items for thought or the year t come, totally related to quilting!

*good quality fabrics & threads

*a good cutting mat & rotary cutters

*the best rulers for your personal project needs

*a reliable good working iron & ironing board

*the best scissors for each type of project

*a reliable sewing machine with the right feet for you

*the best needles for your sewing needs 9& suited to your threads!

*good straight pins varying to suit your projects; wonderclips are great too!

*the best seam ripper-always a must

Happy & inspirational sewing going into 2019!🥳